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Bit of advice...

Postby Roland » Sun Dec 16, 2012 9:58 pm

So my log got stolen...
It's time to accept that it's never coming back.

So it's time to fill the gap on the rack and invest in a new log.

I want something about 10' long with quite a bit of volume. Really would like something heavy and stable and a bit classic. Ideally glassed in volan cloth.

Mainly for use at Bracklesham and for trips to Sennen.
Also planning a trip to Morrocco and France in the not too distant future so anyway looking at a couple of boards.

Been impressed with the Mellow wave longboards. Seem really good value. Anybody used those guys?

Also really like the look of these Cord premiums.

Or possibly saving up a bit more and going for one of these:

Any advice or suggestions...?

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