New board purchase advise please

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New board purchase advise please

Postby Rentaghost » Mon Aug 22, 2016 2:44 pm

Hi there.

im new to all this and this is my first time posting, sorry if what I'm about to ask has been asked 100 times before. :? But any help would be much appreciated

I'm 5"8. roughly 163lbs (73kg) and I've had two lessons on a soft lard which I believe was about 9ft. I've stood up 5/6 times and ready to start practicing on my own and would like to buy a board. I'm not looking to spend much between £150-£200 or less if 2nd had but what I was looking for is:

1. Any recommendations on specific boards or types. I'm no way near any sort of confident riding, no turning anything like that. Main thing I'm looking for is getting on and staying on the board.

2. Someone said that I'd be better on a 9ft softboard however there's far more choice with 8ft softboards. Would this be no use and hinder my progression if I went for an 8ft soft board. Would a 7ft be totally outta my size limit?

3. If I went for a beginner softboard how much use would I get before I would need to get another?

Below is a few I was looking at anyone got any experience with these?

Sorry again I realise my questions are a bit muddled but there's so much choice out there it gets confusing.

I don't have any local surf shops to go to for advice. My purchase would be online. ... Gwod9XMJ0A ... t_0-200940

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