Getting sick after being in the water

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Getting sick after being in the water

Postby RichardMichael1986 » Sat Mar 22, 2014 4:34 pm

Hello folks,

I hope I am posting this in the right place, but if not please just let me know.

I am working as part of a team of trainee journalists making a film about coastal water quality and the health impact on water users.

We are investigating sewage outflows, which can mean that the water is sometimes contaminated with relatively high levels of pollution. Our aim is to make a film that will help challenge the issue and make sure that work is done to improve bathing waters for everyone to enjoy.

I know that this is an issue which particularly effects surfers and Surfers Against Sewage are doing great work in this area. We have been able to collect some good evidence and speak to experts that will share their work on the issue.

In order to make the problem clear to viewers, we are hoping to interview a couple of people who have got sick from being in the water. I was wondering if there is anyone here, or any of you know someone, who has had this experience and might be willing to talk to us?

We are going to be travelling around different locations over the next week and would be happy to travel to meet people at a time that works for them.

If you have any thoughts just leave a comment or drop me a message - would be great to hear from you and any help is much appreciated.

Have a great weekend!


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