Just returned from Weligama Sri Lanka

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Just returned from Weligama Sri Lanka

Postby Mickash01 » Sat Feb 20, 2016 9:45 pm

Evening all,

Iv just returned from Weligama in Sri Lanka where i surfed for the first time, being a snow boarder i decided not to take lessons and just went for it.

To my suprise, i got me balance and stood on the first attempt, by the second day i was able to turn the board.

Now im planning on selling me snow boarding gear and taking up surfing, i live in north east england and have read up on the areas that offer decent waves.

So the advice i need is where to start with boards etc.

As i am a starter i dont understand the terminology so heres what i know so far.

I used a stiff board and not a foamie? In sri lanka.... it was about 6 foot long with three fins at the back, and thats it!!

Iv snow boarded for about ten years and take care of my board by waxing etc, whats the situation for taking care of surf boards and all the other info i need.

Cheers in advance!!!


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