Casual surfer new to Brighton

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Casual surfer new to Brighton

Postby MadeNew » Tue Oct 06, 2015 1:08 pm


I've lived in Brighton just under a year now and still not jumped in with my board(s) yet. Instead taken to the West Coast/Europe.
Whilst these past few months I've noticed the occasional fun set roll in on a fresh and stormy morning (usually, disappointingly whilst I'm on my way to work). I've since asked around and heard a few rumours, and eventually found this site.

I'm keen to try Hot Pipe sometime, that looks fun, but I hear there can occasionally be pollution issues?
I've seen the Marina working a couple of times with 1-2 surfers out, but heard this can be more of a local spot? I'm in Kemptown so this spot would be ideal if the locals didn't mind a new friendly face? I'm a below average surfer (I don't go enough) but have surfed for several years in several countries so know how important it is to respect the sea and its fellow surfers.
Are there any other spots I should be checking out? I have no idea how to read the conditions around here, so will follow the twitter account.

Any friendly pointers would be appreciated, and hopefully I'll see you in the water?


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Re: Casual surfer new to Brighton

Postby Graywig » Tue Oct 06, 2015 2:40 pm


I would STRONGLY recommend that before you surf at the Marina you get used to surfing in Brighton/Shoreham. Meet a few locals and improve a wee bit... as for locations here are a few suggestions:

Hotpipes - Mid to low tide, offshore on a NW - NE, works with windswell and moderate onshores. Best on the outgoing tide.

West Pier - low tide on a groundie or cleaned up windswell. Fickle but can get really nice sometimes.

Marina - chalk reef (where Custard Point got the name from) - most tides, solid waves in a SW or W storm.

Cairos - Reef break a few miles East of the Marina just past Peacehaven. Nice on a clean swell, high tide is best if it's big. Gets quite solid on the odd day.

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Re: Casual surfer new to Brighton

Postby MadeNew » Sat Oct 10, 2015 8:33 am

This information is great thanks, really appreciate it.

I'll skip on the marina for a bit.

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