Brighton surfing report for the south coast and surfing forecasts for Devon and Cornwall
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The Brighton surf Wet-suit cam
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brighton surfing reports and forecasts

Brighton surf report
Surf Cams Courtesy Up4it, PierToPier, and the RANDOM CAM

Brighton surf report
Brighton surf report
Brighton surf report


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Today's Tides:
(on last date of update)

0131 Low 2.0
0800 High 4.8
1407 Low 2.0
2031 High 5.0
Local Tide Tables here
Brighton Surf Report Updated Friday 7th September
Don't forget to refresh your browser to get the most up-to-date surf-check

7.45am: Weather-wise it's looking good but surf-wise it continues to look super bad. High pressure still dominating for what looks like at least into next week and the weekend after. In the meantime, if you have any surf photos or videos email them in to me and i'll stick them up

Weather Today: Patchy mist and fog lifting to leave a mainly dry day again, with variable amounts of cloud but also some warm spells of sunshine for most with light winds.

Kite Wind-check: Variable 3 or 4. Smooth or slight. Fog patches. Good occasionally very poor.

East or northeast 3 or 4 becoming variable 3 or less.

long distance surf forecast
The long distance forecast right thru to Sunday 16th September...High Pressure City

DEVON & CORNWALL General West Country (North Coast):

The longest and most up-to-date Devon and Cornwall Surf forecast on the planet

croyde surfing
Photo: www.croyde-surf-cam the other day

( ( ( ( ( ( (
The longest and most up-to-date surf forecast for Devon and Cornwall...
Updated Friday
Probably flat!
Probably flat!
Possibly some very long distance swell otherwise flat
Possibly some very long distance swell otherwise flat
Probably flat!
Probably flat!
surf report
Tomorrow's Outlook (Brighton)

Brighton surf report and weather Outlook for tomorrow:

Wind Variable 3 or less, becoming north or northeast 3 or 4 for a time.
Sea state Smooth or slight.
Weather Mainly fair.
Visibility Mainly good, occasionally poor at first and later.

Surf: no

pressure charts for tomorrow midday for the UK from Sharkbait surf reporting and Surf Forecasts for Brighton, Devon and Cornwall
Pressure tomorrow midday

Swell tomorrow midday

Protection & Daylight

3/2 suit / shorty depending on the weather
At it's warmest. 16 °C

Dawnies: light early
After Work: dark late!

General Outlook and Surf Forecast
Brighton and The South Coast

Brighton wave Outlook:
ULTRA FLAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No end in site


Shoreham Live weather station

brighton surfing

Swell Midday

Pressure Midday

wind conditions in Brighton today at midday from sharkbait surf reports and surfing forecasts
Wind Midday

wave height
Wave Plot yesterday & last night

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